Physical Exams

Physical Exams

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Darien Immediate Care doesn’t only offer emergency services or urgent care; you can visit for your primary needs as well. The clinic has a team of physicians that can take care of primary care with physical exams as well as urgent care. You will get access to a primary doctor who will assist you with maintaining your health. With this doctor, you can receive regular physical exams as well as have access to urgent care on weekdays, weekends, and after hours.

You can make an appointment with your primary physician as needed for preventative measures and any help with chronic treatments. However, unlike other primary physicians, you can simply walk in to be seen for any urgent care or injury care needs you have. All our physicians will have access to your medical records to provide you with adequate treatment. You can also do other things, such as request refills for prescriptions, make an appointment, or visit any time when needed.

At Darien Immediate Care in Darien, IL, we provide all of the same services that you can get with any primary care physician, but with a little bit more flexibility and ease. When you need to see your physician for a physical exam or other needs, feel free to come into the clinic. Say goodbye to long lines and crowded waiting rooms. During your visit, your physician will review your records, perform an exam, and then figure out a plan for long-term treatment.

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