• Open 365 days a year
• Most Insurance Plans Accepted
• Low Self Pay Rates Available
• No Appointment necessary, Walk In Clinic
• Primary Care Services
• Urgent Care Services
• Illnesses - Cough, Fever, Flu, Infections & more
• Injuries - Sprains, Strains, Sutures, Wound Care, Minor Burns
• Serving Adults and Children 1 year & Older
• Women's Health & Wellness
• School, Sports and Annual Physicals
• Pre-Employment Physicals & DOTs
• Immunizations
• Onsite Lab & Digital X-ray

Urgent Care

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Darien Immediate Care in Darien, IL offers urgent care services for everyone, from 12 month old babies to adults of all ages. This includes treatment...

Physical Exams

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Darien Immediate Care doesn’t only offer emergency services or urgent care; you can visit for your primary needs as well. The clinic has a team of...

Injury Care

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Sometimes an injury just happens due to a frivolous accident or purely by chance. In these cases, the injury usually isn’t anything life threatening...


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School/Sports Physicals
Pre-Employment Physicals
TB Shot
DOT Physical
Flu Shots
B12 Shot

Welcome to Darien Immediate Care

Life can be full of surprises, and medical emergencies often count among those surprises. There are times when an injury occurs or a sickness comes up, but it is not quite so serious to require a visit to the ER, but it also cannot wait for a doctor’s appointment. It is certainly difficult to decide what action to take in such a situation. Fortunately, there are urgent care providers, like Darien Immediate Care, that are more than willing to take in patients in such a predicament.

Darien Immediate Care is a clinic located in Darien, IL that provides physical exams and injury care for patients who fall into that grey area between life threatening emergency and serious injury. Emergency rooms can get busy and full, so priority will be given to patients with very grievous injuries and illnesses over those with a simple sprain.

Otherwise, once you walk into Darien Immediate Care for urgent care or injury care, you will be walking out the door soon after. Don’t hesitate when you are hurt; Darien Immediate Care will provide you with the treatment you need for a quick recovery. Come by the next time the need comes up!