Injury Care

Injury Care

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Sometimes an injury just happens due to a frivolous accident or purely by chance. In these cases, the injury usually isn’t anything life threatening, and a trip to the emergency would just seem like a waste. Calling your primary physician and expecting him to see you right away isn’t always possible.

Darien Immediate Care in Darien, IL is the best place to go to for injury care with prompt treatment and short wait. Most patients are able to be treated soon after walking into the clinic. With injury medical care cases, physical exams are conducted if necessary, such as X-rays and lab tests. Our physicians and medical team are all capable of providing a well-rounded treatment for all urgent care patients.

We provide injury care for people of all ages, from young infants of 12 months old to the elderly. We have physicians who are experts in pediatric medicine who can provide your children with the gentle care they need, with the option of following up for ongoing treatment if necessary. Parents can feel safe bringing their children to Darien Immediate Care for those unfortunate incidents, which result in an injury.

While it is always best to seek treatment for an injury right away, we provide injury care on an appointment basis as well. You can come for further treatment on an existing injury too. Our primary physicians can continue to see you on a regular basis as your injury heals to guide you on your way to recovery. Many patients trust our physicians as if they were their own prime doctor.

While we don’t necessarily hope you will have a need to come soon, know that Darien Immediate Care is a reliable clinic for prompt and effective treatment of injuries. Come for injury health care when you need it, or call for an appointment!